Three AJ Albums Make The's Top 100 Albums of Decade

28.Precious Memories (2006) – Alan Jackson

The sturdy standard bearer for down-home traditionalism proved himself a surprisingly agile artist in the 2000s, earning entries in the top third of our list with three separate, and very different, projects. The first is this charming, stately collection of traditional gospel numbers, recorded as a private gift for his mother and subsequently made available to fans. Even without any singles released, it went soaring toward platinum status. Long known for his ability to imbue even average material with uncommon sincerity, Jackson seems right at home with these simple songs of devotion–songs which so richly deserve his talent. — CM Wilcox

24.Drive (2002) – Alan Jackson

If apples were Alan Jackson music, then Granny Smiths would be Drive. This album represents the quintessential consistency that has made Jackson a star; There’s tongue-in-cheek (“First Love”), nostalgia (“Drive”), and a rousing duet with George Strait (“Designated Drinker”). Oh yeah, and one of the most relevant songs of the decade in “Where Were You (When The World Stopped Turning)?” — Pierce Greenberg

17.Like Red On A Rose (2006) – Alan Jackson

Country music doesn’t abide albums that grow on you. Usually, they aim to strike fast and hard. Jackson, on the other hand, has made the best grower of the decade, a smoky-sounding record that reveals new mysteries with each listen. These are songs that celebrate the simplest and sturdiest of joys: the continuing excitements of monogamous passion, the pleasure of settling down, the wonder of wisdom and experience. And Jackson sings them gently and tenderly, as if he’s both quietly declaring his love and slyly getting you into bed. — Stephen M. Deusner

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