The Boot: Alan Jackson Insists He's 'Boring'

Alan Jackson Insists He's 'Boring'

Alan JacksonAlan Jackson has certainly earned some downtime after amassing just about every award there is to be had, selling more than 50-million albums and hitting the top of the charts 34 times. Yet, he keeps rolling on down the tracks with more music and songs, the latest being his current album and its namesake tour, 'Freight Train.' The perception about Alan is that he works hard at his craft, but if you ask the country superstar, he says that isn't really the case.

"Everybody has the wrong idea about [me]," Alan tells The Boot. "I mean, I may be different than some acts at my level, but I don't do that much. [laughs] I don't! I go out and tour some, but I don't stay out on the road like some people do. I fly back and forth. I'm usually home just about every day, unless we're way off some where. But I don't stay involved in the music business, other than when I'm recording or being on a television show or something. I'm pretty boring really."

So, if he's not writing or recording or performing, how exactly does the husband and father of three girls fill his days? "I spend more time at home or doing things with my hobbies and junk like that than I do writing songs or playing," he reveals. "People ask you about retiring. I [say], 'What am I going to retire from? I don't hardly do anything now!' I think that's a misconception. People think you're just every day on the phone or doing interviews or writing or I don't know what people think you do. I'm usually just piddling around outside."

Alan is definitely working hard this spring, since he is on the road with his Freight Train tour. He will hit Champaign, Ill., on April 29.