Taste of Country's Top 50 Country Christmas Songs

Let It Be Christmas

It was clear from the very first spin that Alan Jackson‘s 2002 Christmas song would be more than just another wannabe standard. First, the voice — strong and fatherly, warm… like a plate of fresh gingerbread cookies. A gentle acoustic guitar accompanies a story that sneaks in a lesson of morality before allowing the angels to take over.

‘Let It Be Christmas’ is No. 1 on the list of the Top 50 Country Christmas Songs of all time because it’s an original that seemed instantly timeless. Jackson’t hit even charted that year, something very difficult to do with a swarm of new songs and covers each season. The entire ‘Let It Be Christmas’ album is a project worth keeping close come December 25. You could do much, much worse.

Taste of Country Top 50 Country Christmas Song List