Parade Exclusive: Watch Alan Jackson's New Video, 'You Can Always Come Home'

After 25 years in the business, Alan Jackson is still making music that moves his listeners. His latest song, “You Can Always Come Home,” is no exception. The touching track imparts wisdom to a first-timer striking out on their own. Jackson penned the song in honor of his three daughters and found himself reminiscing about his own journey along the way.

“Ali, my middle daughter, moved out to California last fall and that’s when I wrote it,” he says. “It reminded me of when I moved to Nashville and didn’t know anybody. I’d call my folks at home. My mama and daddy were supportive even though they were worried about me coming up here. My daddy said, ‘You can always come home. If it doesn’t work out, you can always come home.’ I’ve always remembered that.”

The song appears on Jackson’s 15th studio album, Angels and Alcohol, which was released in July.

Parade is premiering the video below. The clip includes photos of Jackson’s own daughters in tribute. Take a look!