HOT DISH: Alan Jackson Makes Strong First Impression at His New Label Home

April 3, 2011; Written by Hazel Smith/

It was a typical Friday for the office workers when Alan Jackson showed up unannounced at Capitol/EMI Records, his new label home. Starting at the reception desk, Alan visited every office, meeting and shaking hands with the entire staff.

On top of that, he had lunch sent over from Jim 'n Nick's barbecue restaurant with all the trimmings, including chocolate cake and banana and chocolate pies. And that ain't all, folks. He also had a huge cooler of assorted beer -- iced, of course!

What a guy! After 20 years in the music, Alan still knows how to get down and party. It may be Alan's new label home, but don't you know the entire bunch -- from CEO Mike Dungan to the folks who sweep and cleans the restrooms -- is in love with the great singer-songwriter.

As far as I'm concerned, Alan Jackson should be next in line to be inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame. It has to be Alan and Garth Brooks.

As a side note, good-hearted Alan will headline a benefit concert at a middle school in Rogersville, Tenn., on April 14 to raise money for the American Cancer Society.