- Alan Jackson’s Best Halloween Memory

Maybe we shouldn’t call this one Alan Jackson’s best Halloween memory, but rather, his funniest Halloween memory.

With the spooktacular holiday upon us, it’s costume crunch time. It’s all about making a statement and that’s one thing Jackson’s family knew how to do back in the day.

The legend and his wife used to take their kids trick-or-treating, and there’s one costume Jackson can’t forget.

“Aww, I remember some, when they were infants, they had like these little — they looked like a little pea pod, you know, or something,” he recalls.

“It’s like a little green pea or something. And I thought, ‘Man, that’s awful.’ But Denise liked it, and I guess it was cute, but …” he says with a laugh.

Well, at least it got a laugh. That’s kinda the whole point of baby costumes anyway, right? You try holding back that loving chuckle when you see a baby “pumpkin,” baby “scientist,” or baby “presidential candidate.”

And we’re sure his little infant pea pod was the cutest pea pod on the whole block.