CMT Insider: Alan Jackson Still Likes Bologna

CMT Insider: Alan Jackson Still Likes Bologna
New Music Video Explores the Singer-Songwriter's Take on Technology

Alan Jackson's latest music video from his Good Time album is based on a song that -- on the surface at least -- is a nostalgic look at the past. Under the surface, though, there's more than that going on.

At the shoot for the video for "I Still Like Bologna," Jackson talked with CMT Insider about the song, about the video and about his feelings on technology.

CMT Insider: Tell us about the song itself.

Alan Jackson: Well, it's got a little meat on it.

We sort of gathered that. It's about simpler times, isn't it?

It's kind of just talking about somebody from my era or generation coming along without a lot of the digital stuff. Technology just uh, that you have to deal with today, you know. And that is what it's talking about, trying to grasp all the new stuff and keep a hold of some of the simple times at the same time.

Are you big on technology?

I'm not completely ignorant. I think I'd be all right, I don't pursue it that much. I use the computer a little bit for my hobbies and things, but I don't communicate on them much. I just really don't like talking or sending e-mails, and that kind of thing on there. And my phone I don't really use it much except to call and check in. I don't do much on it either. So I'm pretty behind I guess.

I heard that one of your daughters gave you your first iPod. Is that right?

Yeah, I think they all gave me one for a birthday, Father's Day or something. So it's just so nice to be able to put all that music on there, and it helps when you're starting an album, you can throw a bunch of demos on there for people to listen to.

Do you get your daughters to help you adjust that tech stuff?

I'm pretty good. I can figure it out if I don't try to do too much. I guess they gave me this Picasso thing on the computer where you can take pictures a lot and photographs and put them on there. It'll tune up my pictures and all. So I like doing that. So that is probably as high-tech as I get.

In the video, there is a young Alan Jackson.

Yeah, I kept thinking, it sounded like the old "Little Rascals," you know. Little kids always dressed in adult clothes and doing adult situations and so it's like little kids just doing regular people stuff. I think it's going to be interesting.

Did you meet the kid that is playing you?

Yeah, we shot a piece a little while ago. He's very outgoing for his age. Yeah, dual personalities.

Is it kind of odd seeing him dressed up like you?

Oh yes. It's like my little Mini-Me. He's missing his long blonde hair, though. Other than that he's got the rest of it down. Oh, the mustache!

As I understand it you had to eat a lot of bologna sandwiches on this shoot.

Well that one shot there, sharing it with that little boy. Had to keep biting off it, while I kept pretending. It's kind of early in the morning for that bologna, mayonnaise...

What is your favorite way to eat a bologna sandwich?

Man, my way is stripped down plain Jane. You know, as a kid, mama fixed it on white bread, Blue Plate mayonnaise and a piece of Oscar Meyer bologna or something. That's about it. But I like cheese on it, mustard every now and then, but most of the time I just put it plain like that.

At our age the doctor doesn't want us to eat bologna all the time.

Yeah, I've gotten a little better. Sometimes I'll go get the more healthier deli slice. It seems like it's a little better for you, I don't know if it is or not.

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