Boys of Summer


By Bob Paxman and Jessica Nicholson Country Weekly (issue July 30, 2012

1.  Chattahoochee

Why We Love It: For the majority of Americans who don’t live near the coast, muddy riversides are the perfect summer spot. In this enduring hit, Alan recalls lessons learner about life and love through Friday nights spent by the river talkin’ about cars and dreaming ‘bout women and fogging up the windows in his old Chevy.


5.  It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere

Why We Love It:  This lunch break is gonna take all afternoon and half the night, Alan sings in this good-natured tune of a worker who is getting’ paid by the hour and older by the minute. Fed up with his work situation, he takes a spontaneous but long overdue vacation.  Who cares if vacation begins in the middle of the workday? It’s OK, it’s five o’clock somewhere – especially if Jimmy Buffett says so.


9. Summertime Blues

Why We Love It:  Alan’s cover of Eddie Cochran’s 1958 pop hit earned him a three-week chart topper. Summer months don’t always mean freedom and sunshine – for the teenage in this tale, it equals workin’ all summer just to try an’ earn a dollar, which interferes with date plans and intentions to use his father’s car.  Unfortunately, being underage, even raisin’ a fuss and a holler doesn’t help much.


14.  Good Time

Why We Love It:  You don’t need to spend a lot to have a great party.  As Alan advises, A pig in the ground, beer on ice / just like ol’ Hank taught us.  Add some Bocephus songs, rowdy friends and a few scorching keyboard and harmonica solos and that spells “Good Time,” according to this hitmaker.  Need further proof? The song’s video even has a “Good Time” line dance to accompany it.


20.  Where I Come From

Why We Love It: Some may call this more of a “road song” than a summer tune but the images do hearken back to summertime.  Where I come from / It’s cornbread and chicken is certainly one of the more memorable verse lines in the past several years.