Alan Rocks the Jukeboxes of Aerosmith, Alice Cooper

From The Boot

Alan Jackson is credited with being one of today's main forces in traditional country music. His well-crafted songs about love of family and country have touched the hearts of millions of fans around the world. But even Alan was surprised to learn that two of rock 'n roll's superstars are fans of his music.

"I know I do have fans who are celebrities and who perform other kinds of music," the Georgia native tells The Boot. "Steven Tyler(Aerosmith) came to a couple of my shows, and even brought his children when they were younger. One time I had this bus driver and his friend drove Alice Cooper's bus. He told my driver that they listened to my music going down the road."
Alan's tastes in music cut a wide path as well, ranging from traditional to alternative country. Obviously, he loves George Jones, Merle Haggard, Hank Williams Sr. and Gene Watson, the "classics" as he calls them, but he's also in tune with some of the newer artists currently populating the country-music landscape.
"As far as the new acts, I haven't heard a lot of Jamey Johnson's stuff but I like 'In Color.' I thought it was a well written song and I'm glad it has gotten the attention that it has. Even Taylor Swift -- she's more contemporary and even though that's not my kind of country music, I like her writing and I think it's real good, too ... The one country artist people are always surprised to hear that I like is Steve Earle. I love him because he's a writer and he writes the real stuff. Yeah, I like ole Steve."