Alan Jackson Shares a Brand New Heartache

Alan Jackson Shares a Brand New Heartache November 25th, 2009 By: Craig Shelburne  

I remember the first time I ate at Cracker Barrel. It was Thanksgiving 1994, about three months after moving to Nashville to attend Belmont University. One of my friends invited me to join her and I ordered your typical Thanksgiving dinner -- and I remember calling home, saying it was one of the most delicious holiday meals I'd ever eaten. Looking back, I probably shouldn't have told that to my mother, who is an excellent cook, by the way. (Please send cookies.) That memory crossed my mind today while I was listening to Alan Jackson's new album, Songs of Love and Heartache, part of the extensive Cracker Barrel collection. Casual fans will know several tunes ("Here in the Real World," "Remember When") while longtime admirers will be pleased to find outstanding album cuts such as "Tropical Depression" and "Rainy Day in June." For the final track, Jackson brilliantly covers Gene Watson's "Nothing Sure Looked Good on You," about a guy who made it through the poor times with his ex before she moved on to a wealthier man. That's love and heartache for you.