Alan Jackson, 'Ring of Fire' -- New Song

Alan Jackson, 'Ring of Fire' -- New Song
Posted on Nov 11th 2010 by Matthew Wilkening

Country mainstay Alan Jackson dives into country music's rich history by delivering an upbeat, contemporary take on Johnny Cash's 1963 classic 'Ring of Fire' as his latest single.

Jackson's version of Cash's searing declaration of love will be included on his upcoming greatest hits collection, '34 Number Ones.'

Throughout this largely faithful, if somewhat smoothed out reading of Cash's most famous tune, Jackson trades most of The Man in Black's brooding menace for a more relaxed, experienced perspective.

Still, the passion in the lyrics, well, burns through: "I fell into a burning ring of fire / I went down down down and the flames went higher / And it burns burns burns / The ring of fire."

'34 Number Ones,' which celebrates Jackson's twenty year long career as one of country's most dependable hit makers, will be in stores on Nov. 22.