Alan Jackson Receives Concrete Feedback

Alan Jackson Receives Concrete Feedback

Jackson photo courtesy of SonyBMG Nashville.

Alan Jackson photo courtesy of SonyBMG Nashville.

Exactly 20 years ago, Alan Jackson was enjoying his very first Top 10 hit with “Here In The Real World,” a song that compared the sad truth about love and life to the glossy version that’s presented on the movie screen. So it’s appropriate that on Friday — the day each week when films typically debut in theaters — Alan will earn a star in the Hollywood Walk of Fame, a form of recognition that’s associated more often with actors than with country singers.

“I’ve been honored with all the music stuff, you know, and won everything I could, I guess,” Alan says. “But I’m a big movie fan, and to think about all the great actors and other music people that are out there, that’s just unreal to me. I guess more than anything, just think about, years to come, my kids — or if I have grandchildren or something — [can] go out there and they can just walk right up there and step right on it.”

Alan’s star will be embedded at 6801 Hollywood Boulevard, right in front of the Kodak Theater. Among the actors who have a spot in that same block of concrete are Tony Curtis, Burt Lancaster, Telly Savalas and Jerry Lewis. The address also includes a star for one of the singing cowboys from the old western movies that Alan sang about: Rex Allen.

Not that Alan is taking any of the honor too seriously.

“I think I’m close to John Travolta,” he deadpans. “They knew what a good dancer I was, so they wanted to put me over by John, you know.”

Friday’s ceremony takes place at 11:30 PT, and it’s open to the public.

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