Alan Jackson Quietly Makes His “Way”

Alan Jackson Quietly Makes His “Way”
By Tom Roland |

No one’s ever accused Alan Jackson of being over the top. He’s one of country music’s most understated singers, and his current release, “It’s Just That Way,” is a perfect match.

In one regard, it’s an unusual song for Alan. On his 2008 album Good Time, Alan wrote all 17 songs entirely on his own. But “It’s Just That Way” came from three other authors: Vicky McGehee, Kylie Sackley and Keith Stegall, who’s produced all but one of Alan’s albums.

Instead of looking for answers in the universe, “It’s Just That Way” accepts the mysteries of life in a highly relaxed manner — typical of Alan’s approach to the world — and he understood its charms right away.

“It’s a simple lyric, but it says it all,” Alan notes. “When I heard that, I immediately loved that. The melody; it’s just a really beautiful melody. That thing, it’s hard for me to sing. It’s kind of rangy for me, but it’s a cool melody, and it’s one of those that I wish I had written.”

“It’s Just That Way” climbed into the Top 25 this week on the Country Aircheck singles chart. Many listeners likely see a piece of their own lives in the song, and they have that in common with Alan, who feels it mirrors the life he shares with his wife.

“It sometimes reminds me of Denise and I,” he observes. “We’ve been together forever and sometimes we just think back of where we started and how it all happened, and it was just like we were… supposed to be [together]. It’s just that way. I was supposed to be with her and vice versa, so, I liked the song.”

There’s more where that came from. Alan’s next album, Freight Train, is due March 30.