[RARE COUNTRY] Alan Jackson took a stand for true country music to defend a legend

Alan Jackson may be a man of few words, but there’s a lot going on in that head of his. That was especially true the night of the CMA Awards back in 1999 when Alan went rogue during his national TV appearance.

Country legend George Jones was nominated for single of the year for his song, “Choices,” and the song was a comeback single for George after he nearly died in a car accident earlier that year. Unfortunately, CMA producers wouldn’t give the Country Music Hall of Fame member a full performance slot. Instead, they asked him to sing an abbreviated version of the song due to time constraints.

That didn’t sit right with The Possum, who opted to watch the show from home that year instead.

That decision didn’t sit right with Alan Jackson, either. He had a full performance slot to sing his latest hit, a cover of Jim Ed Brown’s “Pop a Top,” but Alan chose to switch it up a bit and sing a chorus of “Choices.”

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