Exclusive Offer - Pre-Order Alan's New Album ANGELS and ALCOHOL

Pre-Order Alan's New Album ANGELS and ALCOHOL
Alan Jackson's new album, Angels and Alcohol is now available for pre-order on iTunes and Amazon. Alan had a hand in seven out of the ten tracks on the upcoming album. Click below to pre-order on iTunes and instantly receive the songs, "Angels and Alcohol" and "Jim and Jack and Hank." Alan's 15th studio album is set to release on July 17.

Pre-Order on iTunes

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Alan Jackson, Angels and Alcohol Track Listing:

1. “You Can Always Come Home”
2. “You Never Know”
3. “Angels and Alcohol”
4. “Gone Before You Met Me”
5. “The One You’re Waiting On”
6. “Jim and Jack and Hank”
7. “I Leave a Light On”
8. “Flaws”
9. “When God Paints”
10. “Mexico, Tequila and Me”




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