Help Alan Find His First Guitar

June 29, 2012 | Haley Goldberg | USA Weekend

Country star Alan Jackson sat down with USA WEEKEND to talk about his new album, Thirty Miles West, country music and more.

The country superstar collects guitars so far about 100 of them. But a very special one is missing. Can you help Alan Jackson find his first guitar?

Its a sad story, Jackson says. My first guitar, I got when I was 16; my parents gave it to me. I dont even know why I hadnt expressed interest in music, but thats what got [it] started.

It was a little Aria, a little company that made inexpensive, acoustic guitars, [and] the only one I had forever. When I came to Nashville, I retired it when I [got] a better guitar up here, after I made it.

What happened?

I cant find it, says Jackson, who has switched managers, since loaing the guitar to a museum. We thought we gave it to Georgia Music Hall of Fame and then we thought we gave it to somewhere else.

We cant find it anywhere. We dont know what happened to it. Maybe we can start a campaign? Its out there somewhere.

So, here goes. If you have a clue, let us know in the comments section below. Well pass tips along to Jackson, who says simply, Id like to get that back, it was my first guitar.

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