I'm On Board With Alan Jackson's Freight Train

I'm On Board With Alan Jackson's Freight Train
Posted: July 2nd, 2010 on cmt.com
By: Craig Shelburne

We're just a little over halfway through 2010 so I decided to assess my favorite albums of the year so far. Alan Jackson's Freight Train is at the top of that list. The aggressive title track chugs along with a breakneck tempo that's about twice as fast as what Jackson usually offers, but like his 21-year career, he keeps up just fine. Of course, he's still the master of mid-tempo tunes about his family, like "After 17," "Big Green Eyes" and "The Best Keeps Getting Better." I also appreciate the nod to Johnny Cash on "I Could Get Used to This Lovin' Thing" and the stone-country duet with Lee Ann Womack on "Till the End." Although I like the singles ("It's Just That Way" and "Hard Hat and a Hammer"), I'm hoping he'll go deep and release "Taillights Blue" and "True Love Is a Golden Ring," too. If you've been missing traditional country music, you'll want to get on board with Freight Train.




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