Alan Jackson Counts on Four Special Ladies

Alan Jackson Counts on Four Special Ladies

The Boot/Alanna Conaway

Alan Jackson has been blessed with so many things throughout his life and career. And in the latest Country Special issue of PEOPLE magazine, Alan shares his Top 10 blessings, which, naturally include his 30-year marriage to wife Denise, and life at home with the couple's three daughters, Mattie, 19, Ali, 16, and Dani, 12.

"When my agent is getting ready to book the year, he puts the calendar for the girls' school on first, and they work my schedule around that," says the superstar dad. "That's just the way it is. We've been blessed with sweet and healthy and beautiful girls that have been a real joy to watch grow up."

They're also not afraid to be honest with dad when it comes to his sense of fashion or sense of humor -- or the lack of both! "If I wear something they think is stupid looking, they'll tell me, and they'll tease me about the goofy jokes I tell."



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