Where Have You Gone

Where Have You Gone Tracks

  1. Where Have You Gone

  2. Wishful Drinkin'

  3. I Can Be That Something

  4. Where The Cottonwood Grows

  5. Way Down In My Whiskey

  6. Things That Matter

  7. Livin' On Empty

  8. You'll Always Be My Baby (Written For Daughters' Weddings)

  9. Where Her Heart Has Always Been (Written for Mamas funeral with an old recording of her reading from the Bible)

  10. The Boot

  11. Back

  12. Write It In Red

  13. So Late So Soon

  14. This Heart Of Mine

  15. A Man Who Never Cries

  16. Chain

  17. I Was Tequila

  18. I Do (Written For Daughters' Weddings)

  19. "That's The Way Love Goes (A Tribute To Merle Haggard)"

  20. Beer:10

  21. The Older I Get