Country superstar Alan Jackson is the most-nominated artist in Country Music Association history.

But he's looking to set another record this month and he's having a "Good Time" doing it.

While visiting Jackson on the set of his new music video, NewsChannel 5 anchor/ report Amy Watson got in on the action.

It takes a massive casting call to put together a music video on this scale.

"It's gonna sweep across the city and across and across state lines up into Kentucky," said Trey Lovejoy

They are creating the world's longest line dance.

"This has been the most challenging, overwhelming job I think I've ever done in my career," she said.

That's the storyline for Jackson's new video.

His outdoor stage is set at the end of Highway 840 near Dickson and he's singing his newest release, "Good Time."

"It's perfect for the summer and this video with the line dancing thing will be pretty cool," Jackson said. "It'll be a good summer record."

Nancy Pfeifer and friends traveled from Oklahoma to dance in the video.

"A couple of us made real quick reservations, got rental cars reserved because this was something we didn't want to miss," she said.

Christy Fraser is a dental assistant most days, but she knows the choreographer.

"She said they were looking for dancers and I said,' How good do I have to be?" Fraser said.

The video also called for a news reporter, which Watson portrayed for the video.

Watson said it was a chance of a lifetime.

It is unclear if the video shoot set the record for the world's longest line dance. The video will be released by month's end.



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